The Multiverse of
W.L. Swarts

A look inside the mind of the artist
The Multiverse Of W.L. Swarts is getting a full overhaul!  After all of the years of having that on this site, it is finally true.  The reason?  We've finally found a way to sell our writing and art, through our production company: Enlighten Someone Daily Productions (new link above!).

As a result, the main push of W.L. Swarts dot com will, for a time, to be a more organized index of the reviews from W.L. Swarts Reviews The Universe!

Our intent is to create an easy portal between information on the artist (here), all marketable works from the artist (Enlighten Someone Daily) and the collectibles business that has funded our life for so long (W.L. Swarts Enterprises).
Please feel free to e-mail me by clicking HERE and then deleting the word "not" from the e-mail address that comes up!


-W.L. Swarts
"It's all about choices . . . "
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